These Sweat-Proof Headphones Will Transform The Way You Workout

Okay, so you don’t run as often as you think you should? And the reason is because? If you’ve exhausted lack of motivation, and fatigue, probably the only thing you have left to blame is that your headphones just do not come up to scratch. And that might well be the only valid reason for not running as much as you want! Fear no more, because these headphones will leave you speechless.

The JBL reflect Contour sport headphones are going to take your workout to a new level! Never again will they come out of your ears or fall off, and neither will they be ruined by excess sweat.

The headphones have a dual combo of an over the ear hook, which is combined with an in ear headphone, to give you an uninterrupted listening experience. This unique feature, combined with the fact that the set is sweat proof and wireless is just great for runners. In fact you can connect to your phone, iPod or laptop, via Bluetooth.

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It seems that the manufacturers have gone to great lengths to make these for runners, taking into account all the impact and movement which would make another set fall off.

The battery life is eight hours, so even a fanatical runner will only have to charge them after two or three workouts.

These Sweat Proof Headphones Will Change The Way You Workout JBL Reflect Contour Lifestyle5

Possibly the only downside of the headphones, is that they are not as loud as you might like them to be. There again, that depends on just how loud you need them to be, really. Most runners want to at least hear if cars are hooting at them!

Check out the short video which will give you an even better insight as to how robust they are. They look smart, and actually do the job they are intended for, namely, staying on your head, and not being affected by sweat.

The headphones sell for $90, which may at first glance seem a bit on the expensive side. Given that they do all they say they do, you may think that they are worth it in the long run, especially if it means that you can run without them falling off every few minutes.

Source: UNILAD

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