Soap Star Reveals She Sprinkled Urine On Her Yard To Lure Her Cat Home

Soap fans from the UK recognize Samantha Giles as one of the stars of the hit show Emmerdale. But her neighbors might recognize her as the woman who emptied her vacuum bag onto their lawns last week, one of the unusual ways she tried to lure her missing cat home.

The 45-year-old actress woke up last week to find that her pet cat Bob was missing. After posting flyers didn’t help track down Bob, Giles decided to try a different approach.

Bob has epilepsy, and Giles thinks he might even have brain damage, so she wanted to bring her pet home before anything bad happened to him.

She tried hanging her clothes and Bob’s pet bed on the laundry line, hoping the smell would draw him back.

Next she tried emptying her vacuum cleaner outside and even making a trail of her urine leading back to her front door.

The actress admits she even tried Wicca – a type of witchcraft – to find Bob using dowsing rods.

“People must have been thinking ‘any minute now the police are going to arrive,’” she told The Mirror.

Despite how silly she must have looked to her neighbors, all of Giles’ hard work paid off. Nine days after he went missing, Bob wandered back home.

“I’d definitely recommend all those things and tell people not to give up if their cat has gone missing,” she said.

She says it would be “cruel” to lock Bob inside, but she’s considering putting a tracker on his collar so he can explore the streets safely.

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