Man Sues Uber For $48 M Claiming Glitch Enabled His Wife To Track His Affar

Uber has found itself in the middle of a messy and potentially very expensive divorce.

A businessman is suing the company for $48 m after a bug in its app allegedly allowed the man’s wife to track his extramarital liaisons.

According to a local newspaper, the man claims the app sent notifications detailing his pick up points, destinations and times to his wife’s phone. The man claims he had logged into his Uber account on his wife’s device once but had subsequently logged out so the notifications should have stopped.

The information made his wife suspect he was having an affair and ultimately led to the breakup of their marriage, the man claims.

It is unclear what caused the malfunction but the newspaper suggests it is an issue with iPhones running iOS versions older than December 2015. Philanderous Android users, or iPhone users running up-to-date software appear to be safe from detection using this method. It is unclear how many Uber’s 40 million monthly active customers might be affected.

A spokesperson for Uber has declined to comment on the issue, telling the newspaper that, “Uber doesn’t publicly comment on individual cases, and especially those which concern things such as a divorce procedure.”

It is not the first time Uber has been troubled by accusations that its software can be used for spying.

In December 2016, the company’s former forensic investigator said Uber employees used the so-called “God view”, which allows tracking of any Uber user, to spy on high-profile politicians, celebrities and ex-lovers.

In a signed court declaration, the forensic investigator who worked at the company between March 2015 and February 2016, said the company’s lack of internal security meant staff could track rides in real time.

Despite previous pledges to update security, thousands of employees still had access to the “God View” tool which allows them to spy on almost any customer’s movements, the forensic investigator said.

Homeschoolers Under Attack By Officials Conducting Unannounced Visits

Having made the decision to homeschool children, most parents think that they will be left on their own to educate their kids. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the Kentucky school district where some parents are receiving visits from officials. The reasons given are that the officials want to check the students and help the parents.

The Homeschool Legal Defence Association (HSLDA) has been informed of these visits and say that not only are they considered to be an infringement on homeschoolers, but is is unwanted, and – more importantly – it is illegal.

“Just last month, several families in the Paris Independent School District reported being visited by school officials,” HSLDA Staff Attorney Tj Schmidt said. “If no one was at home, the visit was marked by a doorhanger.”

Kentucky has a statewide agreement in place which respects homeschool families and their right to privacy. A public has a legal requirement to check attendance records, homeschools are considered to be private and are therefore not required to open their homes to school officials, who request to see documents. The officials do not have any right to arrive and ask to see any documentation unless there is a valid cause for concern.

The only reason that officials may check up on parents are if the family removed the child in the middle of the school term. In this case the visits were considered normal.

“Home school check. Please give us a call,” read one of the district’s markers.

It seems that officials arrive unannounced to check up on children, even requesting to speak to them at times. Parents who reported the visits to HSDLA said that they felt it was as if ‘big brother’ was watching over them.

“[It is] disturbing that [Paris Independent Schools] have a supply of pre-printed doorhangers ready for when they make unannounced visits to your home,” the parent commented on the Kentucky Homeschooling Facebook page.

Jenny Griffith was one such parent who received a visit from two officials who questioned her about attendance records. The officials intended to visit three or four times a year.

“Two school officials who visited parent Jenny Griffith at her home said the district intends to visit every homeschool family three times this year,” Schmidt recounted. “As part of their plan to help families, the school officials asked about attendance records and curriculum. Before leaving, one official asked Jenny about meeting her child.”

“I got the impression that district staff could become more difficult if I didn’t cooperate in answering their questions or bring out my child to meet them,” Jenny explained. “I tried to handle the situation as civilly as possible – without adding any threat to them.”

Image result for homeschooling dad

HSDLA explained that under Kentucky law, once the parents had notified the school of the intention to homeschool, the school presumed that the homeschool was a bona fida operation and left the family alone. They agreed that leaving door hangers when the family was not at home was a form of harassment and against Kentucky law.

“Under Kentucky law, a homeschool program operates as a private school,” Schmidt stressed. “While private schools are required to keep attendance and scholarship records (i.e. report cards) in the same manner as the local public school, homeschooling parents do not need to open their homes and present these documents simply because a school official comes knocking.”

“Families who homeschool are exercising their right to direct the education of their children,” Schmidt maintained. “Because this is a fundamental right, an agreement was reached over 20 years ago between the statewide homeschool organizations – including Christian Home Educators of Kentucky (CHEK), and the Kentucky Directors of Pupil Personnel.”

“This agreement – commonly known as the Best Practices Document – makes it clear that any parents who notify their district within two weeks of the beginning of school that they are teaching their children in their home are presumed to be operating a bona fide private school,” Schmidt informed. “Unless school officials receive some report or have some evidence that the parents are not educating their children, no further inquiry should be made.”

“The policy is somewhat different for parents who begin homeschooling their children in the middle of the school year,” the Christian lawyer added. “In these cases, families do occasionally receive a visit from their local school officials – like some homeschooling parents who recently began teaching their children in Scott County and Lee County. These families received visits and/or a doorhanger requesting a call back. Most of these school officials wanted to see the children’s curriculum and work samples.”

Along with a well known homeschool group in the district, HSDLA has contacted the school in question , and now expects the school to stop the plan to conduct visits throughout the year. Both HSDLA and the homeschool group will be continuing to monitor the visits.

“Cindy West – a local CHEK representative and veteran homeschooling mom in Bourbon County – and I have contacted the Paris Independent School District, objecting to the home visits of homeschooling parents who are legally operating their private school in compliance with state law,” Schmidt declared. “We expect the district to halt its plan to conduct these visits throughout the school year, but will be continuing to monitor the situation.”

Source: One News Now

Cambridge Student Sets £20 On Fire In Front Of Freezing Homeless Person In Harsh Stunt

A University of Cambridge student was captured on film as he set hire to a £20 note in order to taunt a homeless man. Dressed in an outfit that included tails and a bow tie, the top Tory student tried to light the money on fire in front of the freezing man. A surprised bystander recorded the video and posted it online via social media site Snapchat.

The passerby filming the video alternated between recording the student and the man, as the student attempted to burn the banknote. In the clip, the student said, “Some homeless shelter” just before the filming ended. Reportedly, the incident occurred on February 2nd, sometime in the early morning.

Ronald Coyne was named as the student in the video by the Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA). Coyne had been their communications officer, but was asked to step down and leave the group after the release of the video.

Ronald Coyne (pictured) a first-year law student at Pembroke College, was dressed in a bow tie and tails when he taunted a rough sleeper

Ronald Coyne (pictured) a first-year law student at Pembroke College, was dressed in a bow tie and tails when he taunted a rough sleeper

A spokesman for CUCA called the actions of Coyne “disgusting and abhorrent”.

The spokesman also said, “The CUCA committee became aware of serious allegations against Ronald Coyne late last week concerning his private behavior.

“There is no room for people who behave like that in our Association, any other University Association, or frankly our University.

“This disgusting and abhorrent behavior occurred completely independently of CUCA, and did not take place before or after any CUCA event.”

“His resignation was immediately demanded and we determined the appropriate response to be to permanently revoke his membership and bar him from all future events, which we did on Saturday.”

The video shows a homeless man (pictured) standing in Bridge Street in Cambridge city centre clutching what appears to be a sleeping bag

The video shows a homeless man (pictured) standing in Bridge Street in Cambridge city centre clutching what appears to be a sleeping bag

Ronald Coyne, wearing a white bow tie and tails, appears to attempt to burn a £20 note in front of the homeless man

Ronald Coyne, wearing a white bow tie and tails, appears to attempt to burn a £20 note in front of the homeless man

Ken Clarke, the former cabinet minister, has previously been chairman of the CUCA. The group’s Honorary Vice Presidents include Andrew Mitchell, the former chief whip, and Lord Speaker Lord Fowler.

Historian Andrew Roberts, who wrote ‘Napoleon the Great’, is the current Honorary President of CUCA.

Burning a £50 banknote to taunt the homeless is an act that some suspect may be an intuition ritual of the infamous Bullingdon club in Oxford.

A Cambridge University spokesman said: ‘The University is committed to respecting the rights and dignity of all members of our community.

‘We expect our students to treat others with respect, courtesy and consideration at all times, and the University takes allegations of unacceptable behaviour very seriously.

‘We do not comment on individual cases.’

Mother Of Three Shares Family’s Alleged Encounter With Human Traffickers In IKEA

When walking through Ikea with her children, Southern California mom, Diandra Toyos noticed two men who seemed to be following her around. Diandra was casually looking at the sofa section when she became aware that she was being watched.

Wherever she and the children went, two men seemed to be right there near her. Finally, in an attempt to find out what the men were up to, Diandra and her children sat down on one of the couches. To her horror, the men sat down on the couch opposite her, and did not move.

As soon as she spotted a store assistant, Diandra jumped up, grabbed her kids and ran to the assistant to ask for help. It was then that the men disappeared. Diandra was left shaken and nervous. She explained to store security that she had had a ‘gut feeling’ that something was not right with the situation. The very fact that they left right away was an indication that they were up to something.

The security staff at Ikea told Diandra that they would be reviewing footage of store to see if they could spot anything, but it seems they did not get back to Diandra.

Diandra was shopping for a new sofa when she noticed she was being watched

Diandra was shopping for a new sofa when she noticed she was being watched

Diandra posted on her social media platform that she thought they were human traffickers.

Diandra has warned other parents to be extra vigilant when out with their kids Diandra even believes she may have lost one of her kids had she been distracted that day.

It was through her post that Covina police became aware of her claim and questioned Diandra about the incident.

Dr Kimberley Mehlman- Orozco, a human trafficking expert says that this is not the way human traffickers work as they spend years grooming a person, before pouncing. Although it was possible, it was unlikely that this was the intention of the men. Of over 2,000 interviews with human traffickers and victims, she had never been told of any attempting to kidnap a child in a public place.

“Anything is possible,” Mehlman-Orozco said. “It’s just highly improbable.”

“These types of stories perpetuate misinformation, which leads to people being misinformed about how human trafficking happens in real life,” she said. “It’s not like a Hollywood movie. People aren’t coming up and kidnapping victims like in the movie ‘Taken.’”

“It’s not happening overnight or as some people have described ‘in a matter of seconds or minutes,’” she said. “I’ve seen them take as long as a year or two years before they lure their victim away. It’s a long-term process.”

Human traffickers spend lots of time selecting a victim, and these are normally homeless people, or people from social media sites, who the trafficker will tempt with false promises, and deception. It is a very long term plan to get to know the victim, sometimes taking years.

“They build a trust with their victims to make it seem like they’re consenting participants,” Mehlman-Orozco explained. “They very much behave like a co-conspirator.”

Image result for Southern California mom, Diandra Toyos

Diandra says that she is by no means an expert on human trafficking, and that she reacted purely because she did not feel comfortable with the situation in the store. Diandra wanted her post to serve as a warning to other parents about the safety of their children in busy places. The experience shook her up and made her aware of how vulnerable children are.

“In my initial post, I said that’s what it felt like was happening to us,” Toyos said. “But I’m not an expert (nor do I claim to be).”

“I never claimed to know exactly what was going on, just that they were clearly watching and targeting my children for something,” she said. “I simply wanted to share an experience that shook me and reminded me to be aware and watch my children. I hoped by sharing it, my friends and family would do the same.”

Source: CBS News

Uproar In Texas After Restaurant Starts Selling A Vegan Version Of The Barbecue Favorite

Are you a meat-lover? Or a vegan? Either way, you really need to spend a few minutes reading this unbelievable post written by Hannah Al-Othman for the Mail Online. It’s all about the huge uproar in Texas caused by a restaurant that started selling a vegan version of brisket.

Brisket is a barbeque favorite in Texas. And many Texans take this meat dish very seriously. So seriously that many of them are up in arms about a vegan restaurant that has started selling a vegan version of brisket! The Dallas restaurant, V-Eats Modern Vegan, is a vegan eatery that has a vegan version of brisket on its menu.

When the Dallas Observer’s food critic, Beth Rankin, visited the restaurant and gave the vegan brisket a positive review, there was a major outcry by certain meat-loving Texans. They soon took to Twitter to post some very angry comments about vegans and V-Eats Modern Vegan.

comment-2 comment-1

Somebody wrote: ‘Why do vegans gotta ruin everything?’ while the other said: ‘Is nothing sacred anymore!? This is blasphemous!’

Tweeting a link to Rankin’s review, which is entitled: ‘Vegan Brisket? It’s a Thing at This New Dallas Vegan Restaurant, and It’s Pretty Good’, one Twitter user said: ‘No, stop this blasphemy’.

Another posted: Vegan. Brisket. ‘You’ve gone too far this time, Dallas.’ 

A woman also tweeted saying ‘vegan brisket has set my outrage machine to 11’, adding: ‘I will accept the vegan brisket if it’s filed with beef #rigged’.

While another woman posted saying: ‘Vegan brisket is a thing and now I want to die.’

Barbecue fans in Texas have been left outraged after a Dallas eaterie started selling VEGAN brisket (pictured)

Barbecue fans in Texas have been left outraged after a Dallas eaterie started selling VEGAN brisket (pictured)

In response to the comments on Facebook, a man said: ‘Just a reminder to the meat eaters out there: Most of us didn’t stop eating meat, because we thought it tasted bad.

‘We stopped eating it, because we don’t like the idea of killing animals for food.

‘We make alternatives to mimic meat, because we want to eat familiar dishes without having to kill animals.

‘Your arguments aren’t new to us. We hear them all the time.

‘As someone who’s actually made a mock meat from scratch, it’s not much of a mystery as to what’s in our meat. It’s usually pretty basic ingredients.’

And Dallas Vegan Roundup also weighed in, writing: ‘Great news for Dallas! People usually don’t eat these substitutes because they miss meat, it’s more about the familiar flavors and texture.

‘Much of the flavor in BBQ comes from sauce and spices, most of which are already vegan.

‘Dallas is way behind the rest of the country in vegan dining – as usual, we are playing catch-up. But it’s a start!’

Read More: Can you have brisket with NO meat? Uproar in Texas after restaurant starts selling a VEGAN version of the barbecue favorite

Straight Up Triceps: The Tried-And-True Arm Workout

Triceps are one of the muscles most guys focus on in the gym. Let’s face it, a good, defined set of triceps are to be admired! In this article by Joe Wuebben for Muscle and Fitness, you can see some video shots of a workout to enhance these muscles!

Here you will find a collection of tricep exercises which will give you that defined and shredded look. Some of them you can easily do at home, while others will need to be done in the gym. It is a great combination of exercises that you can add to your routine. What you will end up with is a mixture of machine and bodyweight triceps moves which will totally reform those muscles!

You’ll have a set of exercises that you can either do at home, using things like the kitchen counter, or a modified routine that you can do in the gym for the same effect. Either way, you’ll find you end up with a great set of triceps!

1. DIP

bodyweight dip

Keep your torso vertical with the floor(upright) throughout the set and lock out the elbows at the top of each rep.

2. Lying EZ-Bar Triceps Extension

lying ez-bar triceps extension

For these skull crushers, go as heavy as you can for 10–12 reps with minimal flaring out of the elbows (though slight elbow flare on the last 2–3 reps is allowable). Bring the bar lightly down to your forehead and push up.

3. Cable Overhead Triceps Extension

cable overhead triceps extension

Keep your torso stationary throughout the movement to support triceps isolation. Point your elbows out to the sides and flex your triceps at the end.

4. Triceps Push-up

triceps pushup

Keep your elbows tight to your sides as you lower yourself to activate the tri’s more than the pecs. Use a closer hand position if your shoulders are healthy.

(Click the photo to enlarge)


Source: Muscle and Fitness

This Tutorial Teaches You How To Make A Sturdy Fabric Basket

Do you enjoy doing crafts? If so, you just can’t miss this fantastic post by the staff at Quilting Digest! It has a pattern for handy sturdy fabric baskets that you can make yourself. And don’t forget to have a look at some of the other great posts while you’re there. You’re sure to find a whole host of exciting new projects.

Sturdy fabric baskets are incredibly useful to have all around your house. You can use them for decoration or to store your things in an attractive way. You can make baskets from fabric that matches your home’s existing decor. You can also give them to your friends and family as gifts.

Make a basket out of a fabric that you know they’ll love and fill the basket with other small gifts or snacks. The pattern for this great basket allows you to make it with or without handles, so it really is a very customizable project.

Sizing/Finished Measurements

8″ wide x 5″ high x 5″ deep

Supplies needed

  • Peltex Ultra Firm Single Sided Fusible 71F
  • One FQ quilting cotton for lining
  • One FQ quilting cotton or linen for outer
  • Embroidery floss for stitching handles
  • Optional leather scraps or old belt for handles

Click here for the free “Sturdy Fabric Basket” pattern.

Source: Quilting Digest

Businessman Ordered To Reel In 280 Goldfish He Dumped In Canal

Just when he thought he was doing a good deed by adding fish to the canal to create extra attraction, Hans Van Manen was told to remove them all again. Hans decided, with the support of local businesses, that the canal needed livening up, and so he added some 280 fish into the water.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has told Hans that he is to remove the goldfish within one month. The other fish – the Golden Orfes, are allowed to stay, but the goldfish will cause damage, should they be left to breed.

It seems that the goldfish eggs could leave the canal and end up in other waterways. There they may be able to breed with the native crucian carp. His release, while done with the best intentions in mind, broke the law regarding the protection of native fauna and flora.

The goldfish in the canal.

The goldfish in the canal. © William Hoogteyling

Hans van Manen in the new Brewers in Veenendaal.

Hans van Manen in the new Brewers in Veenendaal. © William Hoogteyling

Hans was told that if he did not catch all the goldfish, officials would do it, and he would then be billed for the expense. Hans says that although he thinks it is a real shame that his fish must be caught, he does understand the thinking behind the order.

“As experts say it’s bad for the other animals in the area, I respect that,” he said. “I did this out of love for animals.”

Hans has said that he is hoping to sell the re-captured goldfish. They have apparently grown very well in the canal. Hans plans to buy more Golden Orfes with the money he gets from the sale of the goldfish, and then he can pop them into the canal, and they will be safe.

Source: BBC News

UK Mum Raises £7,328 (And Creates Global Outrage) With GoFundMe Campaign For Disney World Trip

A mum in the UK has caused outrage when she started a GoFundMe to raise money to take her daughters to Disney World in Florida. While similar GoFundMe projects have been started for children suffering from illness or those who have recently endured hardship, this one doesn’t seem to be quite the same. The mum’s justification is simply that she cannot afford to take them.

The outrage has now gone global, with parents and non-parents alike chiming in on whether or not this is a justifiable use of online fundraising.

Nikki Smith said she’d been “traumatized” by the abuse she’d endured on the internet after she launched the page, but now, just a couple months later, she’s managed to raise £7,328, or about $9,500.

After briefly taking the page down, Smith relaunched it in the hopes of taking her daughters, 10 and 12, on their dream vacation to Disney World. Having seen GoFundMe pages for boob jobs and new cars, Smith never expected to see such backlash for her page on the site.

Speaking about the trolls who came after her when the page was launched, Smith wrote,

I’m traumatized by the abuse and negativity I have received and only put this back up because a lot of people said I should. I won’t let anyone bully me into taking it down.

Online trolls are hurtful and cruel, I haven’t hurt anyone and I was only trying to fulfill my children’s dreams. Thank you to all who have been so kind to me.

Nikki Smith with her two children aged 10 and 12

Nikki Smith with her two children aged 10 and 12

Many people took Smith’s side, however, and now she’s smashed her original goal of raising £5,000 (about $6,100). She now has plenty of money to take her kids to Disney World.

Smith posted an update to the GoFundMe thanking everyone for their support and donations.

“I have been inundated with messages of support through email and Facebook, it’s crazy, I will keep everyone updated!!!” Smith wrote. “Thank you again to all of my supporters, we love you.”

These Sweat-Proof Headphones Will Transform The Way You Workout

Okay, so you don’t run as often as you think you should? And the reason is because? If you’ve exhausted lack of motivation, and fatigue, probably the only thing you have left to blame is that your headphones just do not come up to scratch. And that might well be the only valid reason for not running as much as you want! Fear no more, because these headphones will leave you speechless.

The JBL reflect Contour sport headphones are going to take your workout to a new level! Never again will they come out of your ears or fall off, and neither will they be ruined by excess sweat.

The headphones have a dual combo of an over the ear hook, which is combined with an in ear headphone, to give you an uninterrupted listening experience. This unique feature, combined with the fact that the set is sweat proof and wireless is just great for runners. In fact you can connect to your phone, iPod or laptop, via Bluetooth.

These Sweat Proof Headphones Will Change The Way You Workout 75b32042 5ef6 4a10 b588 cd1de2198982

It seems that the manufacturers have gone to great lengths to make these for runners, taking into account all the impact and movement which would make another set fall off.

The battery life is eight hours, so even a fanatical runner will only have to charge them after two or three workouts.

Possibly the only downside of the headphones, is that they are not as loud as you might like them to be. There again, that depends on just how loud you need them to be, really. Most runners want to at least hear if cars are hooting at them!

Check out the short video which will give you an even better insight as to how robust they are. They look smart, and actually do the job they are intended for, namely, staying on your head, and not being affected by sweat.

The headphones sell for $90, which may at first glance seem a bit on the expensive side. Given that they do all they say they do, you may think that they are worth it in the long run, especially if it means that you can run without them falling off every few minutes.

Source: UNILAD