Dr. Phil’s Crew Reveals The Painful Motorcycle Accident He’s Been Hiding For Months

One of America’s favorite talk show hosts, the soft-spoken and caring person we see on TV every day, has a rebellious streak that he’s been hiding from his fans.

After trying to keep the news under wraps for months, information has leaked about a painful bike accident involving the TV host, who got his start on Oprah‘s daily talk show.

Called “motorcycle-gate” by Dr. Phil’s inner circle, a source revealed that the host “really didn’t want anyone to know about this.”

It’s hard to picture 66-year-old Phil McGraw sitting on a dirt bike, but it turns out the former psychologist has been riding and racing bikes for years.

A source revealed to In Touch magazine that Dr. Phil suffered a “nasty crash” while “practicing a dirt bike trick with some of his Hollywood stuntman friends.”

It may sound unbelievable, but a spokesperson for Dr. Phil confirmed he dislocated his shoulder and bruised his ribs in the crash back in February.

Dr. Phil was stuck in a hospital bed for a week, and had to delay taping episodes of his show, but managed to film extra episodes in March to make up for it.

Thankfully Dr. Phil has recovered from his “painful injuries.” Now he only has to deal with the teasing from his friends, who are reminding him to land “wheels first next time, according to his spokesperson.

Ironically, Dr. Phil once worked with equipment company Helmet House to promote bike safety on a special episode of his show, so he should really know better!

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