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How Much? Tax Rises And Compensation Awards Set To Drive Car Insurance Above The £1000 Mark

The cost of car insurance is likely to rise steeply next year thanks to disruptive reforms and a sneaky new tax. Honest motorists are already suffering, having seen the average annual policy rise 16{8efda06dc5ba043acfdc8fffd77f8d4f921b15e7a91685a4537ba393698d3991} this year alone. The increase is largely down to a spate of fake whiplash claims and ever pricier repair costs. But […]

The World’s Most Tourist-Friendly Countries Revealed!

Every two years the World Economic Forum ranks countries for being the most tourist friendly places to visit. This year the top place went to Spain, with it’s cultural and natural offerings as well as the infrastructure which is geared towards tourism. Following Spain came France, despite the terrorist activities which have taken place there […]

Woman, 27, Who Quit Her Job To Travel The World Becomes The Fastest Person To Visit All 196 Countries In Just 18 Months

Ever since her schooldays, Cassie De Pecol, 27, from Washington, wanted to travel the world. She always wanted to learn about different cultures, religion and natural habitats, so she quit her unfulfilling job and took to the roads. The organisation for her trip began when she turned 25 years old, when the former office worker […]