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Is Running The Best Type Of Exercise?

The question is often asked as to what is the best exercise for a person? The answers vary from person to person, depending on who you speak to. One thing is certain – running factors into this equation. Taken from the Journal of Progress in Cardiovascular Disease, we find that runners live on average three […]

19 Best Countries For Raising A Family, As Voted By Expats

When a family decides to move abroad, they must take into account the children, and the education that they will need to be sure the children can receive there. Sometimes this can be a daunting thing to consider. Not only must education be taken into account, but also things like quality of life and cost […]

Check Out These 32 FREE Sock Knitting Patterns

We have a long list of sock knitting patterns and they’re all free!  Have you ever knitted socks before? If not, there’s a great tutorial that will teach you exactly how to knit your own socks. If you already know how to knit socks, you can skip the tutorial and head straight for the 32 fabulous […]

Family Of Seven Hospitalised After Cleaning Fish Tank

Most people never think twice about giving the fish tank a good clean out every so often. This family, unfortunately found themselves in hospital after doing just that! This bizarre poisoning by toxins released from coral from a fish tank is very rare indeed, and has stunned the leading authorities of Australia’s tropical reefs. Professor David […]