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Ross Kemp In 12-Hour Kidnap Stand Off With Armed Gang In Libya

An armed clan temporarily held Ross Kemp hostage as the former EastEnders hardman was attempting to film his newest documentary in Libya. For 12 hours, a heavily-armed group surrounded the building Kemp was in, brandishing weapons and threatening to kidnap him. At the time of the attack, he was filming in Sabha, a city south […]

Building Your Own Greenhouse

If you’ve been thinking about buying and installing a wooden greenhouse in your yard, you should spend a few minutes reading this handy staff post on USA Gardening. It gives an easy step-by-step guide to building your own wooden greenhouse. So have a look before you go out and buy one. If you live in […]

12 Brilliant PVC Projects For Homesteaders

PVC pipe is one construction material that is easy to work with, readily available in hardware stores and cheap to buy. That’s why aside from its common use in plumbing, a PVC pipe can be utilized for a variety of other home projects. Below are 12 DIY projects that show the amazing and versatile uses […]

Family Which Called 999 For Ambulance 2,077 Times In One Year Is Revealed As Call Handlers Prepare For New Year’s Eve Chaos

Busy 999 services are being stretched thin by ‘frequent callers’, including one household in Sheffield, South Yorkshire that has called for an ambulance over 2,000 times in just one year. In this and many other similar situations, someone is taken for medical care via ambulance on less than one percent of calls. The 2,077 calls […]

This Is Why You Don’t Want To Trash Your Clients On FB

Before you post anything on Facebook, you should always think about it. Think about what you say, who it will hurt, and what impact it may have on you and your career. Here is an instant when a photographer just did not think before she reacted. Katrina Ortiz had hired Desiree Genera to take some […]