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Family Of Seven Hospitalised After Cleaning Fish Tank

Most people never think twice about giving the fish tank a good clean out every so often. This family, unfortunately found themselves in hospital after doing just that! This bizarre poisoning by toxins released from coral from a fish tank is very rare indeed, and has stunned the leading authorities of Australia’s tropical reefs. Professor David […]

Unemployed 24-year-old Jets Off To 22 Countries In A Year Thanks To Men Who Pay To Date Her In Exotic Locations

Lucia Khabzi, aged 24, is very well travelled. She has been to some 22 different countries. Mind you, she has not been there visiting the countries, Lucia has been there on dates. During a year long backpacking trip she joined ‘Miss Travel’ which is a dating style app. Lucia says that her dates cost at […]

Woman, 28, Travels Across The World To Meet Man, 31, For The First Time At Sydney Airport – And Now They’re ENGAGED

Although they grew up in the same area, Brie and Matthew never met until she was sixteen. When she first laid eyes on Matthew, Brie knew that she had fallen for him. Unfortunately for her, things never did work out that the couple met face to face. “I saw Matthew walk down the corridor at […]

Man Discovers Incredible Hidden Fortune Inside Tank He Bought For Just $38K

Nick Mead and Todd Chamberlain got more than they bargained for when they bought a tank on eBay. Nick, who runs Tanks-a-lot in Helmdon, Northants, bought the tank for a bargain at £30,000 [$38,000]. Nick was filming Todd as he fished around inside the tank. Both men were expecting Todd to pull out weapons of […]

9 Pound Largemouth Almost Induces Heart Attack

There are fish stories and then there are ‘fish stories’. Here we have a fascinating video which falls into the second category of weird and wonderful catches! The scene opens with the boat and fisherman on a lovely calm lake and is really no different to anything you might expect of a fishing video. The somewhat […]