Businessman Ordered To Reel In 280 Goldfish He Dumped In Canal

Just when he thought he was doing a good deed by adding fish to the canal to create extra attraction, Hans Van Manen was told to remove them all again. Hans decided, with the support of local businesses, that the canal needed livening up, and so he added some 280 fish into the water.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has told Hans that he is to remove the goldfish within one month. The other fish – the Golden Orfes, are allowed to stay, but the goldfish will cause damage, should they be left to breed.

It seems that the goldfish eggs could leave the canal and end up in other waterways. There they may be able to breed with the native crucian carp. His release, while done with the best intentions in mind, broke the law regarding the protection of native fauna and flora.

The goldfish in the canal.
The goldfish in the canal. © William Hoogteyling
Hans van Manen in the new Brewers in Veenendaal.
Hans van Manen in the new Brewers in Veenendaal. © William Hoogteyling

Hans was told that if he did not catch all the goldfish, officials would do it, and he would then be billed for the expense. Hans says that although he thinks it is a real shame that his fish must be caught, he does understand the thinking behind the order.

“As experts say it’s bad for the other animals in the area, I respect that,” he said. “I did this out of love for animals.”

Hans has said that he is hoping to sell the re-captured goldfish. They have apparently grown very well in the canal. Hans plans to buy more Golden Orfes with the money he gets from the sale of the goldfish, and then he can pop them into the canal, and they will be safe.

Source: BBC News