11 Celebrities Who Look Like They Traveled Through Time

“You look like someone I know.” Sound familiar?

At some point in our lives each and every one of us have been told that we bear resemblance to another person. In fact, there’s an old belief that every person has a look-a-like somewhere on this earth, a doppelganger.

Though most of us may never meet our double, our family, friends, and even strangers will occasionally tell us that they have come across someone who looks strikingly similar to us.

Pretty fascinating, right? But here’s the thing: your doppelganger doesn’t necessarily have to be roaming the planet the same as you.

We’ve come across some photos of individuals from the past that look exactly like some of today’s celebrities. There’s a Civil War era man who looks like Nicholas Cage while Alec Baldwin looks like former U.S president Millard Fillmore.

Some people chalk up the eerie resemblances to reincarnation and time travelling while others claim it’s sheer coincidence. You can be the judge after you take a look at the pictures of more celebrity historical lookalikes below:

1. Tommy Lee Jones and U.S. President Andrew Johnson


2. Keanu Reeves and Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvet


3. John Travolta and 1860s Man

NY Daily News

4. Nicholas Cage and Civil War Era Man

The Daily Beast

5. Bruce Willis and General Douglas MacArthur


6. Jimmy Fallon and Mahir Cayan


7. Jennifer Lawrence and Zubaida Tharwat


8. Justin Timberlake and this Criminal


9. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rose Wilder Lane


10. Jay-Z and A Harlem Man


11. Conan O’Brien and Civil War Veteran Marshall Harvey Twitchell

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